Spider Man : Solitare is an upcomming sereis and one of the first series of this wkia. It will show a whole story of Spider Man a take the legend to a whole level.


Solitare Symbol

Making of the new symbol

The Story of a rise of a new Spidey. The Story is based on a beginig of a new Era where Peter Parker will get another chance in shaping his destinty. The plot again revolves around "With great powers comes great resposibilty". And this time the resposibiltes are bigger paving way to the bith of a legend.


Peter Parker is an ordinary school boy in his late teens, comnfused between friends, enemies, love and study. Raised by his Aunt and Aunty Peter has grown up into a moral, little nerdy but self confident young humble gentle man.But at this age he is disturbed by his past, and without his parents anxious about secrets that were hidden form him. Which finally lead him to make new friends, and meet his destiny.


  • Peter Parker
  • Ben Parker
  • May Parker
  • Felecia Hardy
  • Dr. Connors
  • Gwen Stacy
  • Captain Stacy
  • Norman Osborn
  • Harry Osborn

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