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Neon Spider-Man
Neon Spider-Man 2
Vital statistics
Title Edward Brock V
Gender Male
Powers Same as Spider-Man and Miguel O' Hara (Spider-Man 2099)
Status Alive
Location New York City
First Appearance Spider-Man: 3569

Neon Spider-Man or Spider-Man 3569 is Edward Brock the fifth's ater-ego in Marvel 3569.


He was born in 3551 in New York City. As the descendent of Eddie Brock II, the orginal Venom, he knew his destiny, or he thought he did. One day, a scientist trying to recreate and perfect the radation that created Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 activated his device and exposed the Brock family to the radiation. The scientist, a descendent of the orginal Spider-Man, accidently discovered a fragment of the Venom symbiote and it began to feed on him. The scientist, declaring himself the new Venom, attacks Brock, who instantly knows how to use his powers, due to his family's knowledge of Spider-Man that they gained over the years.

He defeated Parker, and fled back home, where he would discover that it had been burned down by members of the Parker family. Only one member of his family survived, his sister Gwen, who would later become the new Spider-Girl of 3569.