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Gwen Brock II
Neon Spider-Girl
Vital statistics
Title Spider-Girl 3569
Gender Female
Powers Same as Spider-Girl
Status Alive
Location New York City, New York
First Appearance Spider-Man: 3569
Neon Spider-Girl or Spider-Girl 3569, is Gwen Brock II's allias and is the sister of Edward Brock V, The Spider-Man of 3569. She is one of the enemies of Venom 3569.


She was born in 3551 in New York City. Like her ancestor Gwen Brock, she studied hard. But, when discovering about her ancestor Edward Brock II's powers, she began to study his characteristics before and after the venom symbiote transformed him into Venom. She studied him for about a year, and was later noticed by future enemy Joesph Parker, who wanted the data to try and revive his family's legacy, spider-based powers and abilities.

When he obtained the data, there was a glitch and it revived the venom symbiote. Gwen, hoping to obtain more data about her ancestor, got a small piece from Parker, who agreed. But it turned out that he was in love, and listened to her for hours, trying to get a date with her.