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Miguel O' Hara
Miguel in suit
Vital statistics
Title Spider Man 2099
Gender Male
Powers All Powers Of A Spider

High Intelligence

Status Alive
Location Earth 2099
First Appearance Rise Of A New Hero Pt 1 : End of the heroic Age
Miguel O Hara is the secret alter ego of spider man 2099


Miguel gained his spider-powers while trying to return his genetic code to it's original form. His boss, Tyler Stone (later revealed to be his father), drugged Miguel in order to maintain his loyalty to the company. To kick the monkey, as it were, Miguel tried to rewrite his DNA. However, a jealous co-worker messed with the prototype machine to code not only Miguel's DNA, but a spider's DNA, as well. And cue a new Spider-Man in the year 2099.Miguel was raised a child genius, given the best opportunities and private schooling given to him by Tyler Stone and Alchemax, to obtain his future scientific services.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced human strength, roughly Class 10, as well as enhanced speed, vision, and reflexes. Many of Miguel's powers are very different from Parker's, however.
  • Miguel grew spinnerets on his forearms, giving him the ability to shoot natural webbing by contracting his muscles. This webbing was exceptionally strong, able to support both his weight and even the weight of passengers while swinging from rooftops. Talons grew from his fingertips and toes, allowing him to walk on walls, and even slice through sturdy metallic objects. Miguel originally had trouble controlling when the talons would pop out, but he eventually gained control. Miguel also grew fangs, which could inject hallucinogenic and temporarily paralyzing poison into a victim.
  • Miguel's Spider-Man costume was made of Unstable Molecules, making it nearly impossible to rip or tear. Later, Miguel attached some lite byte cloth to the costume, giving the costume an air foil which would slow him down on a freefall. Using the old super-hero trick, Miguel would often conceal his costume by wearing his normal clothes over it. Miguel had also taken to insuring his mask wouldn't be torn off by webbing it to his face, while in costume.