Bluebird By Quaser

Bluebird [Ginerva Bianca O'Neill] is an Avenger, and joined sometime between the first and second movies. She is a quiet, indecisive and nervous girl out of costume, while in costume Ginny is tough, loud and commanding.


Born Katherine Bianca O'Neill II to Brian O'Neill and Katherine O'Neill I [Died in childbirth to Ginny's twin sister who also didn't survive.] Katy developed a shy and quiet nature, due to her Father's ignorance of her. When she turned eight, her Father and her were in a car crash. A drunk driver had crashed into a Military vehicle which had swerved and hit their car. Katy made it out, going back for her father. She had gotten him out when a toxic gas spilled from the Military vehicle, infecting her. When she was 13, she developed her powers [Flight, Agility and Enhanced Strength] and never got a F in Gym again. She kept the powers secret, putting them down to the gas she inhaled when she was eight. A year later, her father turned to drinking and women. He also made Katy change her name to Ginerva because she reminded him of his first wife. He started to hate her because she looked like a younger version of Katherine I. When she was fifteen, Ginny started Vigilating under the guise of 'Shadow Whisperer.' That later led to Bluebird.

Bluebird is owned by Quaser, FaBulOsFrIdAyS and SpookySpockGirl01010